No. 1


Julian has photographed a number of Candy & Candy design projects, each with different challenges to overcome. He has approached each shoot with the same meticulous eye for detail and delivered time after time. Julian is more than someone we work with, he is an extension of our team and a truly brilliant photographer.

Nick Candy
CEO, Candy & Candy.

One Hyde Park, Candy & Candy, London
Private residence, Candy & Candy, London
Private residence, Candy & Candy, Cap Ferrat
Private Jet, Candy & Candy, Monaco
Private Jet, Candy & Candy, Monaco
Private residence, 1508, London
The Luggage Room, Fabled Studio
Baglioni Hotel, London
Baglioni Hotel, London
Chapman House, Morpheus, London
Private yacht, Candy & Candy, Monaco
Private residence, David Collins Studio, London
Private residence, David Collins Studio, London
No. 2


Julian has a rare ability to deliver outstanding results, whatever the lighting challenges he may face. His photography has been instrumental in increasing our brand profile by ensuring the imagery of my work resonates with a wider audience and by producing a consistent and stylised approach that mirrors the quality and essence of the work.

Bethan Gray
Creative Director & Founder, Bethan Gray Design.

Zaha Hadid Architects, Home House, London
Bethan Gray & Lapicida, London
The Ruby Tree, London
Welsh Assembly, Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners, Cardiff, Wales
Splashpoint, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Worthing
Julien Macdonald HQ, Household Design, London
Julien Macdonald HQ, Household Design, London
Private residence, MAKE Architects, London
Private residence, MAKE Architects, London
10 Brock Street, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, London
Bluebird Restaurant, Conran & Partners, London
Bluebird Restaurant, Conran & Partners, London
Nike, Phenomenal House, London
Nike, retail installation, Johannesburg, SA
Nike, retail installation, Johannesburg, SA
Greenwich Maritime Museum, Softroom Architects, London
Genevieve Bennett, London
Genevieve Bennett, London
East Beach Cafe, Heatherwick Studio, Littlehampton
Laban Dance Centre, Herzog & de Meuron, Deptford
No. 3

The Arts

Artangel commissions occupy a space between the artist’s intention and the public’s experience. Julian’s challenge over the past few years has been to be faithful to both, in a series of still images that span a myriad of very different projects. His images are anything but still: they move effortlessly between place, idea and feeling.

Michael Morris MBE
Co-Director, Artangel.

Ryan Gander, Locked Room Scenario
Ryoji Ikeda, Spectra
Roger Hiorns, Seizure
Lundahl & Seitl, Symphony of a Missing Room
Elizabeth Ogilvie, Out of Ice
Charles Le Dray, Men’s Suits
Boudrie & Lorenz, To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe…
Susan Philipsz, SURROUND ME, A song cycle for the City of London
Eulalia Valldosera, Blood Ties
Judith Clark & Adam Phillips, The Concise Dictionary of Dress
Judith Clark & Adam Phillips, The Concise Dictionary of Dress
Lavinia Greenlaw, Audio Obscura
Michael Joaquin Grey, Orange between orange and Orange
Richard T. Walker, In defiance of being here
Manfred Mohr, One and Zero
No. 4


Julian is a true craftsman with a fantastic mastery of light and architecture; someone we completely rely on to capture our overall vision and capture the details in a beautiful and graphic way. He has shot many projects from NikeTown London to the football training centre in Soweto and the photographs speak for themselves.

Andy Walker
Global Creative Director, Nike Brand Design.

The Light Projects Group, Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, London
Personal work, Sweden
Personal work, London
Couture Editions, Monaco
Personal work, Sweden
Nike, Football Training Centre, Soweto, South Africa
The Shard, London
Personal work, London
Kaz Munai Gaz, Astana, Kazakhstan
Personal work, Malaga, Spain
Personal work, Alice Springs, Australia
Jason Bruges Studio, ITV Creative, London
No. 5

Fine Art

Many years working with the behavioural properties of light and its visual effects, along with the influence of artists Dan Flavin, James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson, has had a profound impact on Julian Abrams’ thinking. His love of live music, where light and music combined can forge a sense of suspended reality, convinced him to further explore the emotional and perceptual effects of the medium.

Chromatic Oscillations #4 (detail), Freq, with Haberdashery
Musica Universalis, Freq, with Haberdashery
Pleiades, Freq, with Haberdashery
Chromatic Oscillations #2, Freq, with Haberdashery
Arc Frequency #2, Freq, with Haberdashery
Arc Frequency #1, Freq, with Haberdashery
Aperture VI, Celestial Spheres
Aperture XIX, Celestial Spheres
Aperture III, Celestial Spheres
Aperture XII, Celestial Spheres
NGC 6822, Gyrolux
CRL 2688, Gyrolux

Specialising in interiors and architecture, London-based Julian Abrams has a unique ability to balance design and commerce which has lead to long-term collaborations with many of the world’s most innovative brands including Candy & Candy and Nike.

A BA(Hons) graduate from the West Surrey College of Art and Design, Julian is renowned for seductive imagery which appeals to the visually literate.

A passion for light that evolved from a love of shooting nocturnal landscapes, led him to work with key London architectural lighting practices such as Jason Bruges Studio and Light Bureau. The need to shoot their projects without additional lighting resulted in the development of the specialist technique he now employs for all his photography.

Although highly labour intensive and utilising his considerable post-production techniques, the approach enables him to effectively control both available daylight and electric light and seamlessly blend them together to create the perfect stylised image.

Julian Abrams Studio
+44 (0) 79 4963 7551
site by Two Times Elliott

Current exhibition
Freq @ Sketch, 9 Conduit St, W1


Nike’s extreme cutting edge creativity and use of technology generates some of the most demanding and contrasting lighting environments – calling on both his photographic and re-touching skills. In spite of the challenges, Julian has deftly been able to mirror the brand’s graphic composition on projects including a football training ground in Soweto and the European Championships in Poland as well as the 2012 Olympic Games, with installations in Harrods, Liberty and Selfridges.

Candy & Candy

Julian’s work has played an integral part in the brand development of one of the world’s leading property design brands. His capacity to recognise the delineation between the aims of design and marketing for luxury homes, yachts and jets, has enhanced the perception of Candy & Candy’s work internationally. Julian was also commissioned to produce their Decade of Design book.


For his first work outside of pure photography, Julian collaborated with the multi-disciplinary, Hackney-based design studio Haberdashery, to create both light sculptures as well as photographs which focus on the behavioural properties of light. Both Julian and Haberdashery are inspired by artists including Bridget Riley, Yayoi Kusama, Chris Levine and the Bauhaus and these influences are present in the subtle modernist aesthetic which underpins their collective work.

Bethan Gray

Award-winning UK designer and former Head of Design at Habitat, Bethan Gray has since designed products for Wallpaper*, Conran, John Lewis and marble specialists Lapicida. From an early stage in the Bethan Gray brand development, Julian has been integral in developing a photographic style that mimics the brand’s qualities of warm, contemporary, timeless elegance.

Household Design

Independent and London-based, international retail and leisure design consultancy, Household Design focuses on creating powerful customer journey experiences and Julian  has been a fundamental part of the equation for many years. His work for clients ranging from Christian Louboutin and Julien Macdonald to Virgin & M&S, exemplifies his adaptability across luxury, interiors, product and retail.